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Your Story

Let us guide you along the journey of telling your story. We can use your ideas, a timeline or our prompts. Each story is a conversation and is unique to each person.

Your Story Teller Process

“Your story matters because it is uniquely your own, and no one can tell it the way you can.”
– Neil Gaiman

During your initial consultation we’ll discuss how the process of recounting your story works. We’ll talk about your hopes and ideas for your book, your budget and a production schedule.

Once you’re happy we’ll begin interviews. We’ll also ask you to complete a simple questionnaire so we have basic facts correct. A consent form is also required. This gives you assurance your story is treated confidentially throughout the process until completed and given to you.


The number of meetings to recount your story will depend on the package you choose. Interviews won’t be much longer than an hour, in your home. It’s essential to meet in a quiet, comfortable place with few distractions.

Interviews are digitally recorded then transcribed. This will capture your special voice, expressions and tone. We can use interview prompts or questions along with your story ideas. You’ll just be encouraged to talk!

At subsequent interviews we’ll clarify any details which need explanation, from the previous meeting. Meetings will continue until the package is complete, or your story is recounted to the stage you desire.

Your Story Teller focuses on your story, your words and tone, as opposed to providing historical background research or genealogy. However, you can recount that. We concentrate on your words and insights.


The publishing process begins in line with interviews. Your words are transcribed, lightly edited and proofed. For every hour’s interview, up to four hours can be spent transcribing and editing.

You can choose photographs and other documents to illustrate and compliment your story. We work together to write captions and decide where to place in your story. 

Once interviews are completed you will be asked to review your document. Any small changes will be incorporated into your final story.


This will depend on your chosen package. However we will work with you to design a cover and layout to suit your own style.

A final proof will be offered for your approval before printing. You can decide how many copies of your story you want. And lastly, we’ll deliver the completed book to you.

Your unedited recordings and digitally scanned photographs will be saved onto a USB drive and given to you on completion of your story.


Most stories will be completed within two – four months, depending on your package. The length of time from beginning to end also depends on frequency of interviews and edited changes to your story. 

If you have a special occasion by which you would like your completed story, it’s best to begin early!

“It’s never too early to begin the process of telling your story. But it can sometimes be too late.”

Our Packages

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