Stories can teach us about life, about ourselves and about others.

Your Story Teller

Who We Are

“Great stories happen
to those who can tell them.”
-Ira Glas

Let us help capture your story, your experiences, connections and insights. Your story preserved in a unique book is a gift of a lifetime to family.

Or have you, as a younger family member,  wondered about the background behind your parents’ favourite stories and memories? What is the core of their reality, what makes them, them? We can capture these precious memories – even the ones hard to talk about – in a gorgeous book unique to them.

Our Story

Your Story Teller is Andrea Bolton, a former journalist with experience in public relations, desktop publishing, event management, community mental health and in capturing life stories of people in hospice care.

“I passionately believe that everyone has a story. It is through stories that we discover, reflect, connect and contribute. It is such a privilege to hear someone’s story and help preserve it.”

My parents were born in the early 1930’s. They were children during the Great Depression and lived the changes that made up New Zealand life. Then World War II brought about a different socio-political landscape. They have a lot of great stories of their childhood.

Like the one about wearing camphor in a bag around their neck. Or bathing in the tub after all the washing had been put through. Their first jobs. Their sporting prowess. Their ‘courting’ escapades and married life.

I built Your Story Teller in 2018 to give structure to their stories.

I know your family has many great stories too. I look forward to helping preserve them.

I use a professional proofreader to check your copy.

Based in Wellington, Your Story Teller can capture stories throughout the region as well as Manawatu and Wairarapa.

The Your Story Teller process consists of recorded interviews transcribed, lightly edited and published in a book. Your precious photographs are included alongside your stories.

I believe everyone’s story is unique, as well as the way they tell it.

“It is never too early to capture your or your parent’s story, but it can become too late. By sharing your story you are preserving connections with future generations.”

Most stories take a couple of months to prepare, so contact me now to start the process.

One of my creative outlets is recycling vintage linen into bunting. I have done this for family weddings and gifts. I can do this for you too!

In between writing Your Stories Andrea can be found road cycling, gardening, co-ordinating a fruit and vege coop, companioning a children’s grief and loss programme and baking!