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Your Story Teller

Opening a window to your life’s story. Capturing your voice in a treasured book.


Your Story Teller will guide you along the personal journey of telling your story, using your ideas, a timeline or our prompts.

Your Story Teller can be a precious gift to parents or an anniversary present. It can reflect the story of an individual, a couple, or a family business. It’s Your Story.


During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss the process of recounting your story. We’ll talk about ideas for your book, your budget and a production schedule. Interviews are digitally recorded then transcribed, with a personalised book completing Your Story Teller journey.


We offer two affordable packages, based on recorded interviews, number and preparation of photographs, sizes and styles of your book.

Your story is collected into a unique soft or hard cover book. A digital copy completes all packages. 


Do you have family or heirloom linen you don’t use?

We can sew your precious items into celebratory bunting to be hung at family gatherings, weddings or gifted. If possible, it can be accompanied by a small booklet acknowledging the women who embroidered the linen.

Please contact us to discuss the creative potential of your family linen.

What we Do

“Stories teach us about ourselves, about life and about others …”


Your Story Teller helps individuals, families and businesses tell their story. It might be a slice, a time or a window into your life framed by unique events. It might be a theme connecting your life or business. We can collect your experiences, insights and relationships into an attractive book.

Your Story Teller offers two affordable packages, based on recorded interviews, preparation of photographs, sizes and styles of your book.

We also offer a unique Story Telling Bunting package. Table linen can tell a story of talented needlewomen (or men). We can take your vintage linen and fashion it into precious bunting. You can hang it at family celebrations or gift to the next generation. If you know the story behind the linen, we can capture that in a small book of acknowledgement.


What our clients are saying

“Your great-grandfather – A short story of his World War One”- Thomas Allan Dennis Book

“We were absolutely thrilled to see the finished product. You have captured the story around the children’s great grandfather’s service in World War One simply and with great sensitivity.” 

Arthur Dennis, Palmerston North

“Better than a photo album, this book has become a treasured legacy and memory of my life. With beautifully presented narration and well placed photos, highlights of my life are emphasised and encourage readers to keep reading to the end! This historical memory of my life was obviously compiled with thoughtfulness and is a joy forever.”

Penny Phillips, Lower Hutt

“The rhythm of my life” – Penny Phillips Book

“Penny, thank you so much for letting me read your moving life story. It was very nicely done – the twists and turns and indeed the rhythm of it. A great title! I hope you enjoyed recording it as much as I enjoyed reading it.” 

Penny’s friend, Wellington